Cogent Stucco Survey Findings

Cogent Building Diagnostics was retained by the Malvern Hunt Homeowners Association Board to survey the primary stakeholders in the issues associated with stucco veneer that has been applied to the exterior of their houses. Some homeowners have requested permission to apply fiber cement siding (“Hardie” Siding) as a replacement to stucco to avoid possible negative impacts on the sale of their houses because of potential buyer concerns with stucco veneer. The Malvern Hunt Covenants currently do not allow the use of siding or other materials other than the stucco and adhered stone veneers used during the original construction. The Board requested Cogent to prepare a factual basis of decision whether to allow the use of alternate veneer materials.

You can read more in the PDF report here: Cogent Stucco Survey Prepared for Malvern Hunt HOA – August 2018