The Chase and Optional Exterior Building Material Update

Chase Residents,

The survey that was sent to the Chase residents has been completed. The results show that more residents would like the option of having James Hardie board as an exterior building material for their home rather than only stucco. With these results, the Board is studying this option, which was also previously investigated. To make a responsible decision, the board is going through the following process.

  1. The Board met with our lawyer to insure that allowing the alternative exterior building material meets the intent of Malvern Hunt’s Declaration and Covenants. During that meeting it was decided that an independent, expert engineer and/or architect should be retained as a part of the study. The Board is in the process of securing this expert.
  2. The Board met with the ARC committee to receive their input into the decision-making process.
  3. The Board will meet with the engineer/architect to gain information as to the feasibility of not applying the alternative exterior building material to all homes in a cluster at one time.
  4. After the report from the engineer/architect, the Board will meet with the ARC committee for input.
  5. The Board will set up a meeting with the Chase community to explain the findings and discuss the possibilities of having the alternative exterior building material.
  6. Baring unforeseen obstacles, the Board will strive to inform the community of the outcomes and make an informed decision in approximately 60 days. At the 30-day mark, the Board will inform the community if more time is needed to assimilate other information to make an informed decision.

Thank you,
Malvern Hunt Board